Identifying Solutions

Literally hundreds of special schools and outdoor programs are available, representing a wide array of services. In trying to understand the rapidly expanding continuum of services, parents encounter unfamiliar terminology such as character development, emotional growth, residential treatment, boot camp and alternative schools. Quite often, parents of troubled teens are looking for help during a family crisis and do not have the luxury of the time it takes to search out programs, visit several and then determine the best course of action. Just going to the Internet and seeing the range of programs can be an overwhelming undertaking! We know how difficult this can be from our own family experience.

Compass Consulting Program

Compass Educational Consulting helps parents find their way, helping them understand and evaluate options in order to come to a decision about a school or program. Believing in a team approach to problem solving, we work collaboratively with other professionals involved with your family, including teachers, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. Your teen will be invited to be part of the decision-making process when that seems appropriate.

We are experts in finding a fit between your teen or young adult with...

Wilderness & Outdoor Therapy Programs

Both short-term and long term options for teens and young adults.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Including character development schools, emotional growth schools and residential treatment centers as well as services aimed at transitioning your teen back home or to a more traditional boarding school setting.

Programs for Students with Learning Differences

From schools that specialize in ADD/ADHD and traditional LD diagnoses to schools that can benefit a non-traditional learner to programs for the cognitively disabled.

Residential Programs that can treat serious or chronic mental illness

Traditional Boarding Schools, Military Schools

Young Adult Programs

GAP year programs

Transitional programs helping a teen move from high school to college or the workplace.