Who We Serve

Compass Educational Consulting works with teens having emotional, behavioral, and/or learning problems. Often, these young people are labeled as troubled teens.

Troubled Teen
Our definition of a troubled teen is a young man or young woman who is experiencing one or more of the following:

failure in school • impulsive or irresponsible • in with the wrong crowd • angry • experimenting with drugs or alcohol • promiscuous • ADD/ADHD • adoption issues • divorce • depressed • withdrawn • self-harm • talking about suicide • defiant or displaying an oppositional attitude • not sleeping • losing (or gaining) weight • other behavioral or mental health problems.


Sometimes, there is a clinical diagnosis for a teen’s problems. Sometimes problems are hereditary. Sometimes, we can identify an event or a trauma that may have triggered certain behaviors. Quite often however, we never find out why...but we still need to act to encourage change.

Compass also works with teens with learning differences. Their families may be looking for more traditional boarding school opportunities — schools that offer academic support for teens with attentional or learning issues — dyslexia, processing issues and other more traditional LD diagnoses — as well as schools for teens who are gifted academically. In addition, we keep in touch with private schools in the area that may meet your teen's learning differences better than the public system.